Multi-Agent Robot System and Events Executing Using GPS Cloud

Abdellah Redjaimia


Large number of autonomous robot solutions exists for various missions and domains. These robots are sufficient for the missions they are built for. At the same time each of them has limited functional and physical capabilities. Multi agent systems can be used to remove these limits. However it is true only in case when the system ensures effective interaction among the robots i.e. enables their social behavior. Usually it is hard to implement such capabilities directly into robots due to functional and physical limitations and heterogeneity of the team. One of possible solutions is to implement a behavior sensors management for the robots. It should collect events, allocate subtasks to specific robots and monitor the execution of the assigned tasks. In order to avoid inherent drawback of fully centralized systems a significant level of autonomy has to be preserved. Intelligent agents fulfill these requirements. Therefore we propose a multi-agent system’s architecture for safe road application with GPS tool. It can be used to control the car speed and to adjust it in case of danger.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Technology and Optimization