Negative appendectomies rate as a key performance quality indicator in a level iii Irish hospital

Value Added Abstract

Youssef Beshier


Acute Appendicitis is one of the most common surgical emergency procedures in Ireland. Clinical assessment is the corner stone in diagnosis. However, Recent Imaging modalities can significantly decrease the number of negative appendectomy with subsequent decline in patient’s morbidity, recovery and hospital stay[1,2]. The percentage of  negative appendicectomy  is consider a quality indicator in the management of acute appendicitis.    There is no clear definition for the appropriate acceptable rate of negative appendectomy in Level 3 hospital in Ireland, thus some patient will still have a completely normal appendix excised.  All data were collected retrospectively from the electronic medical record system including all emergency appendectomy that were performed from 1st of July 2018 till 30th of June 2019 in Wexford general hospital. Also, all the radiological workup and histopathology report for these patients were reviewed using the hospital electronic laboratory and radiology system. We conducted  this study to clarify the percentage of negative appendectomy in Wexford general hospital in Ireland to analyze our current practice and identify the areas that need to be improved.

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