Open Market and Fundamental Skills of an Entrepreneur Under Brazilian New Managers Point of View

Cleber Da Costa Figueiredo, Ed


Entrepreneurism is an important phenomenon for the economic and social development of businesses and people. In relation to Brazil, when taking into consideration the reality of globalization and its influence on Brazilian economy, its importance is even higher. If entrepreneurship is well applied, it can bring wealth and economic development, reducing the reality of structural unemployment. For evaluating the Brazilian new managers’ point of view, we undertake a triangulation research. In the first step, the qualitative research involved ten businesspeople in the city of São Paulo and, in the sequel, twenty-one students from the seventh semester of the Administration course. The quantitative step pursued to structure and to list the constructs founds in the qualitative step based on 94 answers, by factor analysis. The main findings of this step are the Brazilian difficulties in adapting to new cultures and languages as an obstacle for entrepreneurship, additionally, the Brazilian difficulties with people management and relationships, even though it seems contradictory with the Brazilian stereotype. We sought to answer how the interviewees understand the way in which globalization and entrepreneurship influence work and professional activities, as well as the necessary competences for an administrator to entrepreneur.

Relevant Publications in International Journal of Entrepreneurship