Optimal Management of Irrigation Process using Dynamic Programming Method

Aliyev ZH


Due to the efficient use of irrigated lands in Azerbaijan, irrigation is delayed due to irrigation, mineral and organic fertilizers, accurate regulation of irrigation norms and methods, and in some cases changes, including water and mineral food, air and carbon dioxide. and that is the basis of management and is characteristic and attractive. It is very difficult to influence the light and heat entering the plant. However, it is possible to increase and decrease the temperature on the ground surface and in the upper soil. Optimal water supply allows the plant to form a large leaf surface, which enables it to be better oriented to the light. At the same time, it provides for the efficient use of light energy and provides its development phases. As you know, dynamic programming allows you to accurately define the numerous tasks of optimization. It is important to note that decisions for managing development processes that have been determined over time must be made at every step.

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