PARADIGM-HF Trial and its Important Clinical Meanings

Jin-lai Liu


ACEi/ARB and ß blocker and aldosterone antagonist have been a gold standard for treating chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). The paper described simply the PARADIGM-HF study (Prospective comparison of ARNi with ACEi to Determine Impact on Global Mortality and morbidity in HF trial), and the results showed that compared to enalapril, LCZ69(ARNi) significantly reduced the primary endpoint (cardiovascular death or hospitalization for HF) [HR0.80 (95% CI 0.73-0.87)?P<0.001; NNT 21], cardiovascular death [HR0.80 (95% CI 0.71-0.89)?P<0.001; NNT 31], hospitalization for HF [HR0.79 (95% CI 0.71-0.89)?P<0.001; NNT 36], and death from any cause [HR0.84 (95% CI 0.76-0.93), P<0.001; NNT 36]. LCZ696 was well tolerated. The PARADIGM-HF study has an important clinical significance and would change the pattern of HF treatment in the future.

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