Possible alien artefacts in Libya Montes Mars

Original Article

Greg M.Orme


In July 2000 the formation known as the Crowned Face was discovered by the author. Many other possible artefacts have been discovered on Mars since the first Viking image of the Cydonia Face in 1976. However this evidence has been difficult to analyze scientifically when relying only on their appearance. The main objection is that we see faces on the Martian surface like we might see faces in clouds, this is known as Pareidolia. The challenge has been to scientifically prove these formations are real. In this paper the evidence is falsified against natural geological processes. Five faces on Mars are directly compared with each other, the hypothesis is that they once represented the same face. Because it is highly unlikely the same facial features could form on Mars five times this enables a statistical argument against chance to be made. A priori predictions are also vindicated, the area was recently reimaged by HiRise. If these formations were naturally formed they would be expected to look less artificial with higher resolution. Instead the number of geological improbable if not impossible parts of these formations has greatly increased, also many new artefacts are now visible.

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