Predictors of optimal adherence among HIV/AIDS patients on art in rural botswana: a cross sectional study

Nzasi Deppinair Mundabi


Optimal adherence to ART plays a key role in achieving the third 90 preventing therefore the emergence a drug resistance virus strain. This study was to assess adherence among patients on ART at Letlhakane Primary Hospital and determine associated factors. This cross sectional study was conducted using a convenience sampling method on 182 patients on ARV at Letlhakane Primary Hospital .The WHOQOL HIV BRIEF and the PDRQ-9 instrument in English and Setswana were used to assess respectively quality of life (QoL) and Health care Provider-Patients relationship. QoL scores for each domain were obtained by rescaling the six domains from 4 to 20, with 20 being the most favorable while health care provider patient relationship was assessed using the Likert scale. Adherence score was calculated by the pill count method and patients who scored 95% or more was considered as adherent and those who scored less than 95% were classified as non- adherent. Descriptive and inferential statistics were performed using SPSS (version 20.0).

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