Prospects of Chain Rule of Differentiations and Inverse of Multiple Functions

Soham Mohan Dalal


In this perspective paper, I tried to explain that what will be the possible prospect of multiple functions in one and another through the chain rule of differentiation? The chain rule is a formula to compute the derivative of the functional composition of two or more functions. The chain rule provides us a technique for finding the derivative of composite functions, with the number of functions that make up the composition determining how many differentiation steps are necessary. The chain rule in that what changes I noted, how it can be modified to reduce the differentiation process of multiple functions in one and another, and implementing that process in the inverse of multiple functions in one and another, further proceedings them through the chain rule of differentiation with all prospects. Here I claim that the differentiation’s chain rule is not changed but the sequences of finding the derivative of multiple functions are changed.

Relevant Publications in Generalized Lie Theory and Applications