Quality integration with dental clinic procedures

Mohammad Alahmad


Practicing Dentistry in the past was simple but not totally effective or given totally the desired outcomes, nowadays its effective but complex, as more techniques and materials entering our clinics, time after time. We judge the quality of our treatment by the end result we want to achieve, but actually our patients looks to the quality of our treatments once they meet the reception staff, to have a short and fast impression about our level of quality we are providing .this situation let us working to adhere and implement quality standards and roles all around the clinic especially in non-clinical areas such as administration, finance, purchasing, human resource to be matched all with the level of clinical services we are providing. Quality also relates to structure, processes, and outcomes. The structure represents the facilities and the human resources while the processes represent the various clinical, supportive and administrative interactions between the providers and recipients. The outcomes reflect the changes in the healthcare status i.e. relief from symptoms or cure of a disease. The emphasis should be on what is achieved and not what is done as “doing something may be confused with getting something done for that the sound of quality reflection should be seen once and even before the patient decide to visit us. this reflection should cover all the areas of our services ( clinical /administrative ) to increase the level of patient safety and reduce the level of our system mistakes , this mistakes as studies showed that more than half of the adverse events resulted from medical errors and could have been prevented. When extrapolated to more than 33 million admissions to United States hospitals each year, the results implied that between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical errors. Thus more people die because of medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS. During this presentation ,attendance will get ideas about quality dimensions , concepts and its integration with daily dental procedures , in propose to implement it as routinely daily work , to achieve highly patient satisfaction and safety rate.

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