Relative estimation of lead and zinc in the Niger Delta

*Olumide Y. E and Olarotimi N.


This study was conducted to determine and compare the concentration of lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) in sediment in two different places. Ten sediment samples each from Ilaje area of Ondo State and Qua Iboe river of Akwa Ibom State were analyzed quantitatively for lead and zinc content using aqua-regia (HNO3 : HCl in the ratio of 1:3) for digestion and Buck Scientific Model 210VGP Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for analysis of the metal content. The results from this study shows that the maximum value of lead in Ondo state was recorded in Obenla with a value of 43.05µg/g while the minimum value was recorded in Ikorigo with a value of 4.65µg/g. Value of zinc for this area ranged from 39.38µg/g to 138.72µg/g. The value of zinc in the sediment samples of Qua Iboe river in Akwa Ibom State ranged from 24.26µg/g to 131.52µg/g while the maximum value of lead obtained in sediment of this area was recorded in Okorutip with a value of 232.95µg/g and the minimum value recorded in Esuk with a value of 2.40µg/g.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Environmental Science and Technology