Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Land Administration in Nigeria

Dukiya JJ* and Morenikeji G


Land administration in any human society has been bedevilled with one form of maladministration or the other wittingly or unwittingly. This has caused untold hardship on most community and even nations in the form of boundary dispute as it is presently in countries like Nigeria. Remote sensing and GIS as a geospatial technologicalapplication tools have transformed in no small measure the land use/land cover administration and management of developed and developing countries that adopt them. This chapter assesses the various existing property right and levels of eminent domain in Nigeria, the concept and needs for e-government. Case studies of RS andGIS application in Land Administration were also examined; in which, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), the National Geographic Information System (NAGIS)] and African Initiatives (AFRICAGIS, OSS, AARSE, AOCRS) were discussed. In conclusion, it is obvious that most states of the federation are lagging behind in the use of this modern technology; therefore, all government land administrators must acquire the required skill in geospatial analysis while leveraging on the resources available at NASDA and other centres.

Relevant Publications in Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview