Robotics-Edge M2M Communication Framework: A Study

AlaaBadokhon and Ammar Al Naha


In the context of modern manufacturing and the industrial revolution, robotics and communication technologies are playing a major role in effectively enhancing manufacturing process overall. Though with recent technological advancements, more challenges in robotics process automation and context-awareness are arose, demanding more intelligent robotics systems. Thus, we studied and analyzed implementing an edge-computing communication framework in the context of stationary and mobile robotics. In this study specifically we demonstrate the differences between non-connected robotics, centric cloud connected robotics, and edge-computing coordinating robots. In addition, we illustrate that edge-computing and coordinating robots help in resolving some of the challenges in current robotics systems, including distributed systematic adaptability, rapid manufacturing and robot teaming in the industrial context.

Relevant Publications in Global Educational Journal of Library and Information Science