Role of animal resources in reducing malnutrition in Red Sea and North Darfur states

Nawal NourEda-im Omer


This paper aimed to concert effort of the Ministry of Animal Resources, to alleviate poverty and malnutrition in Red sea & North Darfur states. The livestock sector is a major resource for states and localities budgets, it contributes to agriculture operations by providing Organic fertilizers. In addition to the provision of red meat, fishes, poultries, milk, and eggs for Self-sufficiency, it also contributes to the hide & skin manufactures and offers employment opportunities to about 46% of the population of Sudan. If food security known as access to enough food for an active healthy life", and can briefly be defined as (ensured access to food enough by all people at all times for a healthy and an active life), livestock can make a major contribution. Eating a small number of animal products corrects amino acid deficiencies in cereal-based human diets; the livestock sector is the basis for achieving food security.

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