Role of Socio-Economic Development and risk of flood disaster in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A Inter-District Analysis

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Noopur Mishra


Development is one of the essential aspects of today’s world economy. Development has different connotation when we see it in different discourses. Here, we see development in economic terms. Hence, It is not only affecting the GDP of any region but also seen as a future decider of resource planning. Natural hazard that turns to disaster are very much influenced and affected by developmental activities directly or indirectly. Purpose of study is to assess the role of development and risk to flood disaster in the region. Methodology and Approach: This paper tried to assess the development through different socio economic parameters.  Total 20 indicators are selected for this purpose under the social, economic, health and agriculture and try to understand its role in to see the risk of floods in this region and areas are affected by floods because it is one of the most flood affected region in India. Conclusion and Results indicates that district with higher development have very much good association in making less vulnerable if we avoid the physical constrains. But the results are also indicating that development in the sense of flood management purpose is lacking behind that has to be taken care while assessing the flood disaster through development parameters.

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