Studies of limestone samples sourced from the southern zone of Tamil Nadu, India

S.VijayaChitra, S.Thangadurai,


Chemical analysis of 150 samples, which were locally sourced, was carried out using gravimetric, titrimetric, flame photometry and UV-visible spectroscopic methods. Based on the correlation study on the analytical results of some of the locally sourced samples were found to match with the specifications recommended for limestones for industrial applications. Limestone is chieflymade up of calciumcarbonate (CaCO3), its percentage in samples analyzed was found to range from82.24±0.65 to 96.67±0.28 with a percentage mean value of 93.01±4.47. The results show that some of the limestone samples were found to meet some industrial raw materials specifications used in the cement, agriculture, poultry, paint, pharmaceutical, ceramics, glass, Silica bricks,metallurgical purification processes in the steel industry and some other filler applications.

Relevant Publications in Environmental Science : An Indian Journal