Synthesis, Biological and Anti-tumor Evaluation of Some New Nucleosides Incorporating Heterocyclic Moieties

Research Article

Fekria MA Soliman, Nadia TA


1,3-diaryl-1-propen-3-ones 1a-h, were used as building blocks for a large range of nucleoside analogs incorporating five and six-membered heterocyclic rings. Heterocyclic compounds incorporating aromatic moieties (2-11) and their N-nucleoside analogs (13-20) were synthesized. New compounds were evaluated for their potential antimicrobial, antifungal activities and for their in vitro cytotoxic activity against three cell lines: human breast cancer cell line (MCF- 7), colon carcinoma cells (HCT) and human epidermid/arynx carcinoma cell line (HEp2).

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