Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation of Manganese(II) Complexes with Biologically Important Drugs

Research Article

HD Revanasiddappa, L Shivak


The mononuclear Mn(II) complexes of the type [Mn(L)n(H2O)2Cl2] (where n= 1 or 2) were prepared with biologically important drugs viz. Clomiphene citrate (CPC), Imipramine hydrochloride (IMH), Diphenylpyraline hydrochloride (DPH), Embramine hydrochloride (EBH), and Dothiepin hydrochloride (DOT), and characterized by using elemental analysis, infra-red (IR), UV-visible spectra, X-ray powder diffraction studies and thermogravimetric analysis. The molar conductance measurement of all the complexes in DMF solution corresponds to non-electrolytic nature. All complexes were of the high-spin type and found to have six-coordinate octahedral geometry. The antimicrobial activity of these complexes has been screened against two gram-positive and two gram-negative bacteria. Antifungal activity against two different fungi has been evaluated and compared with standard drug. All the complexes inhibit the growth of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria to competent level.

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