Telerehabilitation of patients with injuries of the elbow joint of the upper extremities

Special Issue Article

Andriy I. Tsvyakh


The international orthopedic community aims to achieve the best possible outcome for patient care by modifying rehabilitation methods and using telemedicine technology. The theme of this article is to discuss the integration of telemedicine technology in the rehabilitation of patients with injuries of the upper extremities. Currently not sufficiently studied sequential algorithm of movement activity on the injured upper extremity after immobilization, not studied physiological and pathophysiological response during rehabilitation. Consecutive patients were recruited over a 3-year period. A total of 84 subjects with upper extremity elbow joint injuries were enrolled in the study and monitored during 2-weeks period. 48 patients from the control group underwent traditional rehabilitation procedures for a 2-weeks period after completion of immobilization. Biography: Andriy Tsvyakh A well-presented, self-motivated and confident medical graduate who has extensive knowledge of how to successfully assess the medial needs of orthopedic patients and then develop and implement suitable treatment plans for them. Having exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills, all of which are imperative when working closely with Physicians or other health care professionals. Chief of department of traumatology, orthopedic and military surgery in I. Horbachevskyy Ternopil Medical University, Ukraine. Since 2000, he took part in implementation of telemedicine projects in Ukraine. Author of 47 medical journal articles and co-author of one book on traumatology and orthopedic for medical students. Oral speaker at Telemedicine Conferenses in USA (2016, 2018), Belorussia (2018), Kazakhstan (2019).

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