The effects of Raspberry stem cells as an antioxidant in UVB induced damaged

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Danial Khayatan


Cosmeceuticals have been developed with claims of anti-wrinkle and firming, moisturizing and lifting, and skin toning and whitening activity. The aging of the skin manifests itself in many ways: drying out, loss of elasticity and texture, thinning, damaged barrier function, the appearance of spots, modification of surface line isotropy, and, finally, wrinkles. Antioxidant products are the main cosmeceuticals in the market currently being made using active ingredients. Over the last decade, the advantages of plant stem cells and tissue culture technologies have been widely explored in the development of highlyefficient platforms for more rapid production of pharmaceutically important molecules of plant origin or heterologous expression of therapeutic proteins. Nowadays, there are many cosmetic products, including both cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics, which have active ingredients, derived by plant cells culture technology which are used in topical products as active material.

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