The effects of Raspberry stem cells as an antioxidant in UVB-induced damaged

Danial Khayatan


Ultraviolet radiation represents one of the important contributing factors to cellular damages in human skin. UV exposure especially in the UVB (280–320 nm) range is the main cause of important problems because the UV radiation can penetrate the skin layers and reach the dermis. Due to the penetration damaging keratinocytes and fibroblasts observed. The application of antioxidant substances as an active ingredient in cosmetic formulations. The most important ability of this active substances as protector of the skin against oxidative damage by UVA and UVB radiation. Cosmeceuticals have been developed with claims of anti-wrinkle and firming, moisturizing and lifting, and skin toning and whitening activity. The aging of the skin manifests itself in many ways: drying out, loss of elasticity and texture, thinning, damaged barrier function, the appearance of spots, modification of surface line isotropy, and, finally, wrinkles

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