The Formation of Polyploidy on Cyprinus carpio Linn Punten Race by Heat Shocking Temperature

Muhammad Khalifah Mustami*


Cyprinus carpio Linn is a kind of fresh water fish which is widely developed because the society likes it. Therefore, an appropriate plantation system is needed in order the available fish abounds. Plantation with sterile fish is one of the alternatives of providing the fish appropriately. The research was aimed to know the result of the forming of polyploidy on Cyprinus carpio Linn Punten race given heat shocking temperature after fertilization. The research design used is Completely Randomized Design with four times repeating for each experimental group. The data was analyzed using one-way ANOVA to know the effect of heat shocking temperature treatment toward the result of the formation of polyploidy. The finding of the research shows highly significant differences among the treatments toward the result of the polyploidy with 0,00 probabilities.

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