The Impact of Managerial Competency of Head Nurses on the Perceived Occupational Burn-out of Nursing Staff

Su Chen Yu


Aimï¼?To explore the impact of the head nurse’s managerial competences (HNMC) on the occupational burn-out of staff. Background: Occupational burn-out was considered as an essential factor contributing to the staff’s leaving. However, little is known about the impact of HNMC on the occupational burn-out of staff. Method: A cross-sectional survey conducted in a teaching hospital in central Taiwan which has 603 nurses. Questionnaires inquiring perceived HNMC, personal burnout (PBO) and work related burn-out (WBO) were filled out in a network form. Results: The respondents included 25 head nurses and 484 nurses. It was observed that 7 and 2 out of the 9 dimensions of HNMC respectively were significantly correlated with PBO and WBO scores in mild burn-out group. Conclusions: HNMC did have impact on the occupational burn-out of staffs in mild group, but not in moderate and severe ones. Implications for Nursing Management. HNMC was essential for nurses in mild burn-out status. Crucial factors contribute to moderate and severe occupational burn-out requires would be the focus for further studies.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Research in Nursing and Midwifery