The Influence of Pesticides on Hepatic and Renal Functions in Occupational Sprayers of Rural Malihabad, Lucknow (India)

Short Article

Farrukh Jamal


Pesticides have an effect on many human organs, leading to a good style of physiological changes. In context with the activity chemical sprayers it's vital to know the influence of cyanogenetic exposure on human health. the current study could be a comparative analysis of haematological parameters, viscus and nephritic perform within the activityly exposed chemical sprayers of mango plantation of rural Malihabad, Lucknow. This space is preponderantly a mango cultivation belt in North Republic of India. The choose cluster of study contains of sixty (60) chemical sprayers [study cluster] and therefore the management cluster enclosed thirty (30) pesticides-unexposed traditional healthy persons engaged in traditional usual agricultural work [age group twenty to forty five years comparable to people of choose subject group] from rural Malihabad, Lucknow [India]. Blood samples were collected from each teams. form, interview and observation were used to get demographic, occupational, dietary and clinical information

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