The measurement of humane entrepreneurship orientation: A firm-level strategic posture

Mykolenko Olena


Most recently, Humane Entrepreneurship has been widely discussed in both academic and business communities. The new concept emphasizes a new approach to doing business with sustainable view on society and employees. According to the concept, Humane Entrepreneurship could be defined through the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Theory, Entrepreneurial Orientation Theory (EOT) and Servant Leadership Theory (SLT). Due to the fact, that Humane Entrepreneurship is a new concept that has to be further explored and enriched with more theorization, we investigate the theoretical model of Humane Entrepreneurship. In order to study the relationship between different factors, including firm’s performance, and humane entrepreneurship orientation, to find direct or indirect links, to identify mediate/ moderate effects; we need to address the question how to measure humane entrepreneurship orientation. Thus, our research investigates the most frequently used methods of measuring EO, CSR and leadership in order to produce the similar measurement instrument for humane entrepreneurship orientation and lend a fresh perspectives to the topic.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Research in International Business and Management