The Nutritional Value of Two Fermented Milk/Cereal Foods Named ‘Greek Trahanas’ and ‘Turkish Tarhana’ : A Review

Aikaterini Georgala\r\n


 Fermented foods are an important part of diets in many parts of the world and are known from ancient times. Traditional fermented cereal foods are widely used in the diet of people in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and some parts of Europe. The technology of making these products as well as the type of milk and cereal used are of the main factors that influence their nutritional value. Nutritional and safety benefits have been attributed to fermented foods which are an important part of people diets. ‘Trahanas’ in Cyprus and Greece and ‘Tarhana’ in Turkey are two of thenoldest traditional fermented milk/cereal foods and very nutritive foods due to the nutritional properties of wheat andn milk/yoghurt. This work is a review on the nutritional value of these products.  \r\n

Relevant Publications in Journal of Nutritional Disorders & Therapy