The third way of dosing: Application of nebulizer therapy in respiratory disease


 Nebulizer therapy is an effective and efficient way to deliver medications directly into the lungs by inhalation. Since the medication goes straight to the lungs, onset of the medication???s action often takes place rapidly. Nebulizers are used to treat the symptoms of conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Also, it minimizes the risk of side effects of the medication, preventing the medication from being metabolized into a less effective form by the body. Several classes of drugs can be used in a nebulizer, depending on the condition for which the nebulizer is being used. Particle size for inhaled medications must be smaller than 5 microns for the medication to reach the smaller tubes in the lungs. Using a nebulizer can be a simple, beneficial and safe way to deliver inhaled medications directly into the lungs. Nebulizers can be used at home, or in a hospital or another medical setting. For those with lung conditions, treatments may be used several times a day or only when the condition is acute. There are several types of nebulizers, and some may be incompatible with certain medications. Smart and portable Mush nebulizer are produced for home use and are the least expensive and most popular. Recent Publications 1. John N Pritchard (2018) Mesh nebulizer have become the first choice for new nebulized pharmaceutical drug development. Ther Deliv. 9(2):121???136. 2. Kesser K C and Geller D E (2009) New aerosol delivery devices for cystic fibrosis. Respir Care. 54(6):754???767. I thank the event for giving me an opportunity to speak in front of delegates and many other people from pulmonologists all over the world. I thank everyone for giving good reviews and testimonials for my talk. It was really a great experience for me to attend this two day conference and I enjoyed all the talks at the conference venue and gained lot of knowledge. I am also interested in attending more and more conference of conference series in future. I also suggest young students to attend the conferences organized by conference series to gain knowledge from the talks that speaker’s present. I met colleagues with varying levels of experience in the field of pulmonology.

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