The use of a continuity equation of fluid mechanics to reduce the abnormality of the cardiovascular system: A control mechanics of the human heart

L. S. Taura1, I. B. Ishiyaku2,


The paper is aimed at presenting the differential equations for the cardiovascular system with the help of continuity equation of fluid mechanics to reduce the abnormality of the rate of blood flow and variation of blood volume in different parts of the system. The equations are used to explain the FrankStarling mechanism, which plays an important role in the maintenance of the stability of the distribution of blood in the system. This is a reasonable approach based on mathematical considerations as well as being further motivated by the observations that many physiologists cite optimization as a potential influence in the evolution of biological systems. We present a model as an application in the provision of a basis for developing information on steady state relations and also to study the nature of the controller and key controlling influences. The model further provides an approach for the study of complex physiological control mechanisms of the cardiovascular system and possible pathways of interaction between the cardiovascular and respiratory control systems. The study also provides an easy way for students of both physics and mathematical sciences, with no previous knowledge of human physiology, to understand the basic systems in cardiovascular concept.

Relevant Publications in International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry