Trends, Growth and Changing Patterns of Public Expenditure on Education in India

Research Article

Tasleem Araf C


The paper examines the level, trends, growth and intra-sectoral allocation of Public expenditure on education. Finding indicates that quantum of expenditure on education has increased significantly since 2001, But still the actual amount of money spend on education sector is less than the required amount. The paper explores the trends of public expenditure on education, like, trends on planned and Non planned expenditure, Revenue and Capital expenditure. The paper also throws light on trends in intra sect oral allocation public expenditure i.e. expenditure on primary, secondary, higher education and technical education. Trends also found in expenditure incurred by State government and central government. Analysis shows that percentage share of State government has decline and the share of central government has increased. Some Trends has also been found in planned and Non planned expenditure on education. Share of former has increased and share of later has decline. No major trends have been found on Revenue and capital account expenditure. Capital account expenditure is meagre amount of the total expenditure.

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