Ultrasonic analyses algorithm on an EX VIVO produced oral mucosal equivalent

Frank Winterroth*, Junho Lee,


This study examines the use of high-resolution ultrasound with an analyses algorithm to accurately monitor development of an EX VIVO produced oral mucosal equivalent (EVPOME). We used ultrasonic profilometry to examine EVPOME development as seeded cells on its surface proliferate. As these engineered structures develop, seeded cells stratify from their differentiation and produce a keratinized protective upper layer. Some of these transformations could alter backscatter of ultrasonic signals and produce scattering of the signal similar to an unseeded scaffold. Developing non-invasive IN VITRO ultrasonic monitoring allows adjusting tissue cultivation in-process, accounting for biological variations in the development of the EVPOME.

Relevant Publications in Global Journal of Biological and Biomedical Research