Understanding the Estimation and Improvement of Recovery Rate for OilShale In situ Processing

Research Article

Wang Yiwei*, Su Jianzheng, Wan


Oil shale in situ processing research booms in recent years because it innovate the method of oil shale exploitation and enable to develop deep oil shale. But commercialization of oil shale in situ processing staggered due to uncertainty of recovery rate which closely related to profit. Considering amount of oil generated in situ and amount of oil flow to the surface during the oil shale in situ processing operation, this study analyse the recovery rate and effect factors based on experiments, the permeability and pressure variation under high temperature also were discussed. The result shows that recovery rate can be influenced by formation pressure, moisture content and heating rate. The total recovery rate is about 60.5% of Fischer Assay based on experiments. To improve the recovery rate, some measurement including gas injection, temperature optimization and stimulation were suggested

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