Utilization of 3D Printer into Development ofAffordable andFunctional Artificial Limb

Mohammad Nasfikur Rahman Khan


Three-dimensional(3D)printinghasbecome one of mostin­fluential concept in recent years asit refers to thetechnol­ogy which converts avirtualmodel toatangibleobject. The advancement in3Dprinting technologies on medical sector is illustrated into building affordable and functional artifi­cial limbs. However, in Bangladesh use of three-dimensional printer is very limited and used only in research purposes. This paper titled ‘Utilization of 3D Printer into Develop­ment of Affordable and Functional Artificial Limb’ aims­to examine the present situation of people with disabilities with prosthetic based treatment and the opportunities for contemporary technology to suppress these problems. The conventional process of producing artificial limbs or pros­thesis, especially the lower limns are most expensive and the treatment procedure is time consuming. Besides traditional replacement system for the upper limbs is not available till date. On the contrary, three-dimensional printers can help to manufacture these artificial limbs at an reasonable price. These limbs will come with more accuracy, durability and flexibility, whichwillhelpmanydisablepeopletoleadabetter­life.

Relevant Publications in European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research