Validation of HYPERMET PC code for the k0 - NAA standardization method using a Ghana’s Miniature Neutron Source Reactor

Research Article

A.N. Adazabra, S. A. Bamford,


The aim of this work was to evaluate the applicability of the generally accepted automated spectral analytical FORTRAN – based Computer software, to the already validated k0 – NAA standardization method in our laboratory using Ghana’s MNSR. Two matrix multi-element reference materials, NIST 1547 Peach Leave as a biological sample and IAEA Soil – 7 as an environmental sample, were analyzed in other to evaluate the performance of the program. The precision and accuracy of the analytical procedure were determined and generally found to be within 14% confirming the accuracy of the results. Satisfactory performance between the measured and certified elemental concentrations was also widely established. HYPERMET PC 5.12 program, was therefore found to be particularly powerful in automated spectral analysis using a miniature neutron source reactor

Relevant Publications in Archives of Physics Research