Vitamin A deficiency Promotes Inflammation by Induction of Type 2 Cytokines in Experimental Ovalbumininduced Asthma Murine Model

Dong Li


Statement of the Problem: vitamin A (VA) deficiency is one among the foremost common malnutrition conditions. Topical intelligences presented that VA shows an imperative role in the immune balance, lack of VA could result in enchanted type 2 immune response characterized by increased type 2 cytokines production and type 2 innate lymphoid cells infiltration and activation. Type 2 resistant answers shows defensive part in anti-infection, but shows pathological role in asthmatic disease. Methodology & Theoretical Alignment: In command to examine the role of VA in the asthmatic disease, we used ovalbumin-induced asthma murine model, and observed the pathological changes between mouse received VA-deficient and -sufficient diets. We also measured the type 2 cytokine expressions to reveal the potential mechanism. Findings: Our results showed that VA deficiency exacerbates ovalbumin-induced lung inflammation via induction of the sort 2 cytokine productions. Conclusion & Significance: VA deficiency, or malnutrition in further extent, may contribute to the increasing prevalence of asthma.

Relevant Publications in Journal of Nutritional Disorders & Therapy