Where is gravity stored?

Cristian Popescu


Gravity force existing in universe comes always with mass and where is mass we always have gravity. Question would be, what is generating this force and where is located exactly? To describe this force we are going to make the assumption before the universe got created, space was flat and time was Ø (absent). Initial bigbang was so strong it curved space in every single point of the entire universe and also generated time. But if before this we have had just linear radiation and after that we had mass, then this initial explosion created mass. The question is what is mass? The formula of Einstein E=mc2 tells us mass is made of energy and light. Which means mass is radiation. But in this universe all radiation is linear and overlaps with all the other radiation, while mass is spherical with curved trajectories and can never overlap with the other mass. The reason why mass is different is because a sphere of mass has around it a reversed sphere pressing it on its surface not allowing the radiation energy mc2 stored inside the sphere from exploding. Basically we have in the universe two elements which were created from beginning: -               spheres (mass) an object with maximum volume and minimum exterior surface -               reversed spheres (radiation) an object with minimum volume and maximum exterior surface.

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