Why women cheat on their partnersâ?? prevalence and rapid transmission of married woman individuals attending low transportation facility private pharmaceutical institutions in Pune, India

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Rahul Hajare


Depression is a state of mind. Unhappy job, toxic workplace, unsatisfied sexual life, shabby looks and no one to pamper him in such situations can account to develop low self-esteem in a woman which may burst out drastically. When a woman feels neglected by her partner, she feels more like a useless imperfect or a financial supporter than a partner or a wife. Alas! It is an atrocious experience! This could be an obvious reason why she gets attracted to someone who makes her feel special with adorable gestures by appreciating her for who she is or giving her precious quality time. And nothing can be as relieving as living such moments with someone who brings a sweet satiating smile on the face. Physical needs are an integral part of a happy relationship. Every woman has different sexual desires and physical needs which can either drive her crazy or make her disinterested in building an intimate relationship with her partner. Regardless of gender, no human can stay elated in an unsatisfied romantic and sexual bonding and they generate this inner desire to explore the true form of eroticism with someone else. I would like to request present prime minister reframe the council rule and strict the pharmacy colleges for enough oxygen level and better transportation facility make them depression less.  

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