Food & Nutrition

Although food is the primary engine that provides energy to drive the human body towards various activities, food without nutritious elements is of little use to build a healthy body and mind. Balanced diet consisting vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, antioxidants and fiber in a right proportion is essential to fight genetic, contagious and infectious diseases. Researchers in the field of food and nutrition are emphasizing the importance of the food that is capable of fighting or cure various metabolic and lifestyle oriented diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Researchers are also focusing increasingly on indigenous and locally available food varieties that are known for their nutritional values to prevent and cure diseases. Away from the mainstream staple food grains like rice, maize and wheat nutritionists is now banking on millets, quinoa, brown rice and sorghum to fight malnutrition.

List of Publications in Food & Nutrition